I worked for a web development & marketing firm for 7 years, and a majority of my work was done while working for that company. I did take on some side projects throughout my time as a developer, so please check those out below!


Undercover Dance Factory

The Undercover Dance Factory is a dance studio in New Jersey. I've been taking dance classes with the founder of the school since I was 3 years old, and I wanted to help them redo their crappy GoDaddy website builder website. I designed the website myself and built it on Drupal 8. I created custom blocks to allow for easy editing of the content. I also set up various content types for creating classes, adding new classes to the dance schedule, adding teachers, etc.

We're also in the process of planning a second phase of the website, which will integrate functionality for allowing parents to register their children through the website and also pay for their tuition through the website as well.


AMA Animal Rescue

AMA is a non-profit organization that helps save, foster and find homes for homeless and injured animals. I've been donating my time to help improve their existing Wordpress website template. Inspired by their work & dedication to animals, I decided to help them redesign their website completely. Here are some of the website features:

  • Custom designed & coded fully responsive Wordpress theme
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Gravity Forms & Authorize.net donation integration
  • Custom plugin for displaying adoptable pets, and allowing users to fill out a form to apply for adopting pets

AMA is an amazing organization completely funded by the generosity of others. Please help them continue to save the lives of innocent animals by donating today!


WP Random Post Thumbnails

This is an official Wordpress plugin I created after needing the functionality on a client's website.  I figured that I may not be the only person who needed this functionality, so why not help out other developers and Wordpress users.  WP Random Post Thumbnails allows you to upload images to be used as random images for posts (or any custom post type). This plugin shows one of the uploaded images as the featured image for a post (if the post doesn't have one attached already). Useful if your theme shows thumbnails for the posts, and you don't want any posts without images.


WP Company Info

WP Company Info is a Wordpress plugin I created that allows you to globally specify contact info such as an address, phone number or fax number. You can display those values on the front end using shortcodes and/or template tags. I created this plugin in an effort to make it easy for companies to change their address or phone number and not have to update it in countless places on their website. With this plugin, you update the values once and wherever the shortcodes were used, the values are automatically updated.