I'm more than just an awesome developer
I'm a passionate hip hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical and tap dancer.
I absolutely love kittens, which means I will be a crazy cat lady someday.

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About Brianna Deleasa

About this awesome developer

I'm Brianna, and in case you don't know yet I'm an awesome web developer. I started designing and developing websites with my childhood friend and my passion grew stronger with each project. At only the young age of 25, I have been bringing websites to life for over 9 years and counting.

I absolutely love what I do.

I love working with code. It wasn't easy, but I learned everything I know through trial, error, and Google. I didn't have any formal development training until college (which I have to say was a complete waste of time). Everything that I had taught myself over the years was way beyond the web development curriculum in college. I can't complain though; I received the NJ STARS scholarship for graduating in the top 15% of my high school class. I attended 2 years of school for free. I like free (and who wouldn't)! I graduated with an AAS degree in Web Development and Management.

I'm more than just an awesome web developer.

I have been dancing since I was just 3 years old. I love all different types of dance: hip hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and tap. I almost pursued dance instead of web development. I realized that teaching dance wasn’t what I wanted to do. I like performing way too much, so I decided to keep dancing as a full-time hobby instead of a job.

I also love hiking, video games, tattoos, laying on the beach, and spending time with friends and family. And I’m a huge Eminem fan. Don’t judge.

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My Resume


re:think - Web development & SEO firm
Web developer
July 2010 - Present


  • Static website changes
  • Drupal development & theming
  • Wordpress development & theming
  • Responsive design
  • Interacting with clients
  • Project management


Bergen Community College - Paramus, NJ
Full 2-Year NJ STARS Scholarship
AAS.IT.WEB - Web Development & Management, 6/2012.


  • Fundamentals of Programming – C++
  • Web Development Using HTML – XHTML/CSS
  • Java Programming
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Advanced Web Development – Javascript, PHP
  • Applications Development – Visual Basic

Service Learning

Group project: Organ Donation Website
Web Development using HTML course at Bergen Community College

Objective: Create a website promoting organ donation, using the information provided by the Biology class.

Result: My group was chosen out of 6 groups (3 students per group) as the best website. An article was written about our project in the Paramus Post.

Technical Skillset

Adobe Photoshop
Responsive Design
Drupal & Wordpress
Version Control (Git)
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